Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote in hashafp,
Peter Hentges

Charity auction of interest

Over at accessiblehouse, a community organized by friends of mine to help raise money to forestall the foreclosure on my home, a friend is offering an item for auction that I think may be of interest to this community. My apologies if it is not.

The item is: PTerry: Once More* with Footnotes. Which is to say a signed, out-of-print, first printing NESFA Press collection of the writings of Sir (then Mr.) Terry Pratchett. Very rare, collectible item. High bid is currently $300. Item is listed for sale at upwards of $500 for the second printing. Auction ends noon, Central time, April 14, 2009.

See the profile at accessiblehouse for information on why this auction is taking place, the means and methods of its operation and contact information for any questions. I now return you to your regularly scheduled community programming.
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