shark_hat (shark_hat) wrote in hashafp,

Anyone still trying to decide about going to Eastercon?

x-posted to my own journal.

I've got crash space: for about three in reasonable comfort, up to quite a few if you don't mind floor...
(I'm not, like, right next door to the venue or anything, but there's a shuttle bus from the venue- leaving until decently late in the evening- to the train station, from whence it's a very short journey out my way, and saving £66 a night seems worth it to me.)
[NB: if all my dedicated readers leap for this tempting offer, preference will be given to those who I've met in person or I know their mum or have other means of being fairly sure they won't hit me with a big axe and nick all my books.]

Anybody who's already going, could a minimeet happen at some point?
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