Mary R. Crumpton, née Perkins (maryrcrumpton) wrote in hashafp,
Mary R. Crumpton, née Perkins

MaryFest '09: Sat 29 - Mon 31 Aug 2009

Evening all!

Just wanted to give you a date for your diaries, which several of you already know, but I am announcing it here in plenty of time, to cover all bases ;-)   Party/camping/chilled-out friendly gathering - From Sat 29th Aug - Mon 31st Aug 2009

As many of you will be aware, every August Bank Holiday weekend I hold a gathering at my house, open to everyone I know, and largely populated by afpers and hashafpers.  What started as a small affair (the excuse being my birthday) has grown into a yearly party and camping event, with live music provided on the Saturday evening by anyone that feels like entertaning us (so bring something to hit, strum, or blow, if you wish). 

As usual, campers will be welcome from around Saturday lunchtime (though you can arrive earlier by prior arrangement), with the party-proper kicking off from around 3pm on Saturday, and I will be providing a free buffet large enough to feed the 5000 from about 5pm, and unlimited toast/cereal for breakfast on the Sunday.  Other than that you are on your own foodwise, though of course you can use my microwave and toaster, but feel free to bring camping stoves etc.  On the Sunday some of us usually invade the local pub next door for lunch. 

On the Saturday, at around 6pmish I guess, the musical entertainment will begin with a set (Cheesy-pop this year!) performed by by our homegrown band, lead by Stuart on drums, and this year inluding Tessa on keyboard.  Then of course there will be the usual, eagerly anticipated (at least by me) yearly 'drum-battle/duet' between Stuart and Adrian - which is always awesome to hear/watch - so if you want to see two drummers going at it, this is the place to be!  After they've done their bit then it'll be a bit like toast and jam - anyone can have a go at entertaining us, and, rest assured we are a very forgiving audience ;-)

Nearer the time I will ask people to let me know if they are coming, to be sure I have room for all the tents.  15 tents aren't an issue, but any more than that and I'll have to smile sweetly at the person who owns the field next to the nearby pub.  As last year, we'll have noisy/snoring campers in the back, and a quiet area in the front!

As to how long you can stay:  Well, I tend to start dropping heavy hints about leaving to anyone who is still here by late morning on the Tuesday ;-)
Anyone who knows me from AFPdom is welcome.  Even those that don't know me are welcome too, provided they know someone who is coming and is willing to vouch for them (to confirm you're not a psychopath or anything!)  And I do ask people to try to let me know they are coming, so that I can be sure I get enough food in.  But, as I say,  I will ask nearer the time.


Mary / AFPSaintMary
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