cat (perdita_x) wrote in hashafp,

Manchester Winter Meet

So it is that time of year again. Its wet and cold and generally icky - so my remedy, a meet. Many shiny people and shiny things and flashing (as MP just told me).

I propose that we meet at Revolution, Deansgate (under the tram stop with train station across the road) on the 6th of December. Unless someone suggests a better place.

The bar are a nice host (we have GeekUp Manchester meets there once a month and I'm currently writing this over their own wireless!). Vodka based drinks, (by all accounts) nice food at reasonable prices.

The Scince and Industry Museum is almost back to back with it too so could go there for morning/afternoon entertainment.

Crash space can be offered by myself/Kian for a few people and I'm looking to Tessa/MP/Nikkichu/Mary/etc for any further needed.

So who's up for it?
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