The Uitlander (uitlander) wrote in hashafp,
The Uitlander

Match it for Pratchett: Sponsored British London 10K Run

I can't remember if I posted the original request for sponsorship here or not, but in case you didn't know I'll be running British London 10K in July for the Altzheimer's Society in the UK. I hope this brief update won't offend/annoy anyone.

People have been very generous, and so far the run has raised £110 through the Justgiving website with an additional £50 in direct pledges. This brings the total to date up to £160 - that's US$313 or AU$328 (inexplicably the currency converter doesn't seem to do Ankh Morpork Dollars). I have a target of £500, and I'm hopeful that the run will be able to raise something close to this by the time of the event in July.

The UK fans will know that the words 'healthy', 'energetic' and 'athletic' are rarely used to describe me but the words 'eater of pizza and couch potato extraordinaire' will do nicely. I hope that puts in context the effort and personal commitment that's involved in training for this event. The training has been mixed - when I'd last posted I was routinely managing to run 5 miles in a reasonable time. Unfortunately things were disrupted by 6 weeks of ill health, and its taken a while and quite a struggle to regain my previous fitness levels. However, the good news is that I've just come back from a 3 mile run which I completed in my fastest time yet for that distance, and with just under two months to go I'm now hopeful that I will be able to not only complete the course, but complete it in a respectable time.

Thank you all for your support.

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P.S. Anyone fancy a meet after the race?
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