mark datko (hippo22) wrote in hashafp,
mark datko

Cambndge insta-meet

Since prior to moving into my new house in South Wales , I shall be visiting friends in East Anglia based in Cambridge from tomorrow night for a few days. I thought I'd have a go at calling an insta-meet for Saturday night (Feb 16).

I'm not familiar with which venue is currently favourite for Cambridge meets but I shall aim to be in the Alma pub between
6:30 and 7:00 should anyone want to turn up. After that we could move on to somewhere more central (I shall be staying north of the Cam) of for food if people want.

Sorry about the short notice but house hunting is traditionally hectic.

Internet access from tomorrow may be limited but hopefully I'll get to check my e-mail via an internet cafe whilst visiting the city so e-mail response should reach me before then. Otherwise feel free to text or ring my mobile 
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