tamara (troo) wrote in hashafp,

2009(*) Sylvester Meet

We're gathering in Eindhoven to celebrate the new fangled meets-list
with champagne and fireworks. Oh, and this thing called the new year.

Place: Distelstraat 32, Eindhoven
Date: December 31st - January 1st
Time: From 18:00 onwards
What: Champagne, fireworks, oily balls

We'll make sure that the following things are present:
- Dinner
- Soda and fruit juices
- Crisps, nuts, other nibblies
- Oliebollen
- Beer, wine, champagne
- Fireworks
- Breakfast

If you want anything specific, would like to bring something yourself,
have questions about any of it, talk to me!

Space is limited, so let us know if you're interested in showing up.
Assume you need to bring a mat
and sleeping bag. If you can't, talk to us and we'll see if we can
arrange something.

If you have _any_ questions at all, don't hesitate to ask.

Hope to see you on the last day of the year,

Jelmer & Tamara

(*) or should that be 2010?

p.s. apologies if you've seen this elsewhere
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