Mary R. Crumpton, née Perkins (maryrcrumpton) wrote in hashafp,
Mary R. Crumpton, née Perkins

AFP-meet - 10 year Manciversary

All welcome - Saturday 10th October

We are doing a re-play of the AFP-meet 10 years ago where several of us met, for the first time, at an excellent Manchester AFPmeet: Mary, Darren, Stuart, Kevin, Dave (who was then called Alex), Martyn, Homicide and a host of other AFPers were there, but for several of the above (including me) it was their first ever AFPmeet. 

All past and current AFPers, and people connected to AFPers, are welcome.

From 3pm in the pub we first met at, the Oxford, on Oxford Road near Whitworth Park, Manchester. 
Then moving on to the Shere Khan curry house at about 8pmish, just like we did 10 years ago.  Not sure we'll go back to Darren's and make Dave put on a French maid's outfit this time though.

Please point people at this post, and feel free to re-post on announce someone.  I would love for as many AFPers to be there as possible, faces old and new. 

Contact details on the day (if you are lost/confused/bored) are mine: 07751 696 055.

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