Mary R. Crumpton, née Perkins (maryrcrumpton) wrote in hashafp,
Mary R. Crumpton, née Perkins

Meet MOLE meet!

The lovely Mole is coming to Manchester for a couple of days - this is an opportunity to welcome him, and to dispense hugs/chocolate...

Due to a comms error between myself and Mole the full details of this meet are coming out a little late, ooooops, but better late than never ;-)

Time and Place
30 December 2008
18:30 - 23:30
Slug and Lettuce
Stamford New Road
Altrincham, United Kingdom
 07751 696 055 (Mary)


Mole is visiting Manchester and would like to see everyone, cos all the cool kids are up here. ;-)

Meet for drinks, and the usual, at the Slug and Lettuce just up the road from Altrincham tram/train station.

The location is child-friendly up until 8pm, and serves food, and has comfy chairs. Feel free to bring chocolate.

A map of the location, and all sorts of other info, is available here:

If you are able to let me know if you are coming, so we have a rough idea of numbers, that would be useful, via comment here, text, or via facebook:


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