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Body Worlds 4 and Corset / Slinky Dress Meet

Body Worlds 4 is currently on at the Manchester Science Museum and I'd quite like to go see that. I know there are several people interested in weird things like this, so I thought it would be fun to combine it with the corset meet in the evening.

I will be at the Science Museum at 10:30 and will go inside at 11:00. Anyone who is interested in coming with me, comment here or reply to me at sessifet1979 at gmail dot com. After we've seen the exhibit we can wander around the Science Museum some more or we can go find a place to have lunch. I personally will aim to head back home around 15:00 at the latest to prepare for the evening meet.

I can't remember who said it at the time, but it was mentioned many a moon ago that a slinky dress meet would be fun. As time progressed, the idea of a corset meet was brought up as well. So in the end, it was decided to have a slinky dress / corset meet. Being enthusiastic, I offered to organise the meet when I'd moved to the UK. Now I have, and it's time to make good on my promise. Therefore, without further ado, I give you:

The Corset Meet a.k.a.Slinky Dress Meet a.k.a. It's Been Far Too Long Since A Meet Meet.

WHEN: May 10th starting between 19:00 and 20:00.

WHERE: The Fab Café in Manchester. This is a sci-fi themed bar with a wide selection of drinks. They do currently have some Real Ales on, but the selection is limited. They don't serve food as such, but do offer TV-dinner style foodstuffs (the nice man on the phone mentioned 'rusks and milk', which has no meaning to me but made at least one person go 'cool!'). Also: They have an original Dalek!



- Do I wear?

The excuse/theme is slinky dress and/or corset. This does not mean that everyone has to turn up in either (or even both) of these items of clothing. Smart dress will be appreciated but is not compulsory. :)

- Do I bring?

The usual. Yourself, friends you think would fit in with a bunch of friendly Pratchett fans, books, games, toys, weird things you think the other attendees can be persuaded to go 'Ooooooh' over, interesting foodstuffs like chocolate, cheese and sweets (chocolate covered anything is usually a good bet). Feel free to apply common sense as well. We'll be sharing with the regular crowd, so try to keep the guided missiles and projectiles to a minimum :).

We can offer crash space to a limited amount of people (5 fairly easily, 10 if we squish). However, we live about half an hour out Manchester and will be travelling to the meet by car. We can't squish 10 people in there, I am afraid. (If there are enough people staying over, a cab back could be arranged.) If you're interested in attending the meet and/or staying over, e-mail me at sessifet1979 at gmail dot com.
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